HOT 104.7 Cares About Our Caregivers

HOT 104.7 Cares about our Caregivers! So, we want to do something special for all they did and do for our community. We want to award one lucky caregiver and/or first responder with 25 tickets to California’s Great America! Where they’ll be able to take their entire team, squad, or unit for a day of fun in the sun!

Do you know a special Caregiver or First Responder that you would like to nominate to win? Share your story with us!

Please note that there will be many nominations for HOT 104.7 Cares about our Caregivers promotion. Unfortunately, we will not be able to grant every submission. Our selection process is computer generated, randomly. Thank you for understanding and taking time to nominate a caregiver and/or first responder!